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Mobile marketing is the new black and the must have ingredient for any successful marketing campaign. Any marketer, or marketing firm worth their weight in invoices knows that the key to future success is adapting to and optimizing for the mobile market.

The following statistics will give you an idea of just how big this is, and how much bigger it’ll be over the next few years.


• 75% of Americans admit to bringing their phone to the bathroom.

• 40% of shoppers consult 3 or more channels (often while shopping) before making a purchase.

4 out of 5 consumers use smart phones to shop.

Mobile  overtook desktop Internet usage in 2015.

As of 2013, 118 million Americans owned smart phones.

• 70% of mobile cell searches lead to on-line action within an hour. 


Leads and Data Solutions provide two monthly feeds of US. consumer mobile cell data. Each feed has it’s own distinct flavor. Feed counts of Opt-In consumer mobile data is 8 to 12 million monthly. We use advanced verification methods to determine valid mobile numbers of these records. All data received is cleansed and standardized. This is the highest quality mobile data on the market today.


Regular Mobile Feed includes these column headers: Mobile Number, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Email,Carrier, IP,Website Source, and Registration Date.


Extended Mobile Feed  includes these column headers: Mobile Number, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip,Email,Carrier, IP Address, Web Source, Registration Date, Gender, Ethnicity, and Keywords.


We are offering month to month mobile feed subscriptions. Also have aged data from the past twelve months.


Contact us so we can discuss what feed best serves your needs and for our great  pricing quote. 





The new emerging mobile phone culture have brought SMS - MMS marketing to impact levels far exceeding direct mail, email marketing, and other traditional marketing channels, resulting in as much as 90% + read rate, as much as 10%+ response rate.

Success is dependant on the mobile data. We obtain over 8 million opt-in cell numbers a month. They can be targeted through our huge behavioral data.
This is a great method for lead generation, coupons or selling a product.The result: your company gets real prospects, with real results. Setting up an exclusive live transfer campaign is easy.

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