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Leads and Data Solutions has been a leader of lead generation and aquisition of targeted data for over twenty years. Our goal is to understand your target market and to insure all needs are met. We are very confident in our data / leads as well as our services. Knowing that if given a chance we can improve the quality of your data, saving you and your company some money, while building a long lasting business relationship in that process. Again thank you for your time as well as the opportunity and we look forward to working together in the future.


Sales Team


Dennis Anderson

Phone:  (818) 564-1591

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Michele Baron

Director of Sales








Michael Piconi

VP of Sales










All of your...

Sales Leads,

Targeted Sales Data,

Lists  and Marketing

needs in one location.


  DATA   F Y I


As you may or may not know, all leads and data are not created equal. Leads and Data Solutions, contain newly updated consumer database, is one of the most comprehensive sets of consumer lists available - encompassing 90% of all U.S. consumers.

We maintain household, demographic, purchasing and lifestyle information on over 230 million Americans and are capable to pinpoint behaviors and buying habits of 130+ million U.S. Households.

These consumer targeted lists contain  information on each consumer, making it easy for you to target exactly your ideal market. With our consumer target capabilities, you will have unparalleled access to your responsive consumer market.

Have us write you marketing success story.


Leads and Data Solutions

Phone: (818) 564-1591


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